Sending anything to space is a costly endeavor, and this experiment is no exception. Launching our experiment mixstix to the International Space Station (ISS) will cost $12,000.

Our school was able to obtain a grant to pay for half of that cost, and the students had to raise the remaining $6,000.

Crash Course

This was another fun and exciting opportunity: learning how to "sell" and promote our project.

The team had several brainstorming sessions to find ways to raise the necessary funds. The team decided to divide and conquer. Some team members worked on creating a template email, and others worked on a new video pitch. Each team member then sent emails to several local businesses.

Project Funding

Our team is halfway to our funding goal of $6,000, which goes towards the expense of sending our experiment to the ISS. We are seeking an additional $3,000 for our experiment and would appreciate a donation to support this project! Your donation is tax-deductible and can be made through our non-profit Thank you kindly in advance for your help!

Goal Achieved

Because of COVID-19, many of the traditional fundraising events, such as bake sales and door-to-door were not an option. Two launch schedule delays (from April to May, and then June) were actually welcome events as they allowed for more time.

The team held a few virtual events, and was able to gather the necessary events thanks to some generous donors.